Monday, March 05, 2007

Blog sur l'histoire intellectuelle américaine

(diffusé par Antoine Capet, liste SAES)

We would like to announce the existence of a new blog dedicated to U.S. intellectual history. All are welcome to visit and participate; the site can be found at

The U.S. Intellectual History blog originated with a post on the listserv H-Ideas in January of 2007. In his message, Tim Lacy noted the lack of any formal space devoted solely to the study of ideas and arguments in their specifically American context, and solicited volunteers to help build such institutions.

A diverse collection of scholars responded, and "U.S. Intellectual History" represents the group's first attempt to establish an infrastructure for this vibrant academic concentration. The editors of the weblog post news and information, short essays, book reviews and provocative conversation-starting questions, all in the area of U.S. intellectual history.

We hope that this site might serve not only as a clearinghouse for information and ideas related to U.S. intellectual history, but also as a springboard toward the development of other projects both professional and scholarly in nature. To those ends we welcome participation from anyone with an interest in the intellectual history of the United States (and its colonial precursors), broadly construed: this includes not only historians, but also those who work in philosophy, American studies, literary fields, the social sciences and other related areas. Feel free to forward this message to anyone who might be interested.


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