Saturday, April 14, 2007

Academic labor

Indications de Joseph Entin (Brooklyn College English Department) :

It's true, I am deeply interested in thinking about the university as a site of labor, especially as American universities become increasingly subject to, and modeled on, corporate capitalism. There is a growing fieldof critical analysis in the US, especially among scholars in English, whose work has included a growing focus on what one writer calls "academic capitalism." My own perspective is shaped by my work as a union organizer in graduate school, when I worked with many others to try to form a union for graduate teaching assistants at Yale (and effort that has failed, to date, alas). I wrote a piece several years ago in the on-line journal Workplace, and I highly recommend that journal as a source of information:

Some of the leading thinkers and writers in this field include Cary Nelson, Marc Bousquet (I highly recommend his work, a lot of which is on-line), Jennifer Washburn, Bruce Simon, Michael Berube, Richard Ohmann. I alsor ecommend taking a look at the web site for the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and its journal Academe, which regularly publishes on academic labor.

My own book is really about fiction and photography, and the way a group of progressive artists in the 1930s tried to re-frame the way Americans see and perceive the poor and dispossessed. It's not directly about the academy, but it is about class, labor, and inequality, which are some of my abiding concerns. The title is Sensational Modernism: Experimental Fiction and Photography in Thirties America, and should be out in paperback from theUniversity of North Carolina Press in October or November.

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Blogger The Constructivist said...

CJ, appreciate the mention of my name in such great company, but off the top of my head I would recommend Randy Martin, Barbara Bowen, Wayne Ross, Gary Rhoades, Eileen Schell, Karen Thompson, Victoria Smallman, Leo Parascondola, Chris Carter, and Noreen O'Connor from the Workplace editorial collective as much more active and prolific than little ol' me.

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Blogger CJ said...

Many thanks for these new leads.

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